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Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Nicky
Date: Monday | 6:00pm

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Meeting ID: 821 9792 1436
Password: nickyg

Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Sarah
Date: Tuesday | 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 856 5385 3356
Password: heresarah

Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Amy
Date: Wednesday | 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 883 4546 7885
Password: amyrocks

Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Jodie
Date: Thursday | 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 818 1739 9701
Password: jodierules

Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Ange
Date: Friday | 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 893 6010 2013
Password: angeishere

Join us for Level 2 Vinyasa with Nicky
Date: Saturday | 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 885 4913 7824
Password: nickyg

Join us for Level 3 Vinyasa with Nicky
Date: Sunday | 4:00pm

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Meeting ID: 814 9206 5290
Password: nickyg

Virtual Studio Online Library

Once zoom classes are uploaded, they’ll be available here for future access, anytime!

Newer classes are added to the bottom of the library, so scroll down for recent additions!

Level 2 with Amy | Twist & Flow to Koundinyasana

Level 2 with Ange | Hip Opening Flow to Eagle

Yin with Sarah | Full Body Opening

Level 2 with Nicky | Hip Opening Flow

Level 3 with Nicky | Dynamic Flow to Koundinyasana & Titibasana

Level 2 with Nicky | Strong Flow

Level 2 with Sarah | Expand & Contract into Eagle & Half Moon

Level 1 with Amy | Twist & Flow to Feel Fab

Level 2 with Ange | Happy Hamis & Twists

Level 2 with Nicky | Eagle & Warrior 3

Yin with Sarah | Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

Level 3 with Nicky | Bird of Paradise & Handstand

Level 2 with Nicky | Monday Night Flow

Level 2 with Sarah | Opening Flow to Chapasana & Tree

Level 1 with Amy | Dancer’s Pose

Level 2 with Jodie | Shoulder Opening for Dolphin & Pincha

Level 2 with Ange | Hip Opening to Bird of Paradise

Level 2 with Nicky | Heart Opening to Koundinyasana

Level 2 with Nicky | Big Toe Balance & Vishvamitrasana

Level 2 with Sarah | Moving toward Lightness
Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2CSMVWN

Level 2 with Amy | Happy Hamis & Balancing Fun

Level 2 with Jodie | Magical Hips & Balancing into Eagle & Koundinyasana

Level 2 with Ange | Hearts & Hips for Dancers Pose

Level 2 with Nicky | Chapasana Flow

Level 2 with Sarah | Twist & Open to Side Crow

Level 1 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want to focus on foundational alignment & awareness. Level 1 Vinyasa allows you the space to explore & enhance every element of your practice. Great for beginners. Slow down & move with awareness, enjoy an opportunity to nourish yourself.

Level 2 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want a dynamic and intelligently-designed flow that creates heat. Level 2 is an opportunity to develop strength & flexibility of body & mind. Level 2 classes move fluidly to build some heat. It’s a place to grow from your belief in yourself.

Level 3 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want a strong practice and the chance to experiment with progressions towards more advanced yoga poses. Great for anyone wanting to expand their practice, give it a go! Get curious about your practice and connect with your body and mind.

Yin & Meditation

Choose this style if you want to relax & unwind with a deep stretch. Yin targets connective tissue to offer joint health and greater flexibility. Perfect for athletes and great for stress relief. Unlock deeper layers of connective tissue & open more space in your body, while allowing ease in the mind.


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