What do I need to know for my first class?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class begins so you’ll have time to familiarise yourself with the studio, fill out a registration form and meet your Instructor. Bring a towel, drink bottle, and sense of adventure. No mobile phones during classes (please be respectful to others).

What class should I start with?

If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend starting with a minimum of 5 ‘Level 1 Vinyasa’ classes, which cover the foundations of alignment in the body to avoid injury and teach mindful breath awareness before progressing onto our Level 2 Vinyasa classes. Our classes are designed for all levels so jump on in but take a rest whenever you need. Yin classes, with long, restorative holds, are also open to all levels.

I have never done yoga before, can I go to a group class or should I do a private session first?

Most new students feel alright attending a Level 1 Vinyasas or Yin class, as our experienced Instructors can modify poses to suit differing abilities. After a few classes, what first seemed foreign starts to feel natural. There is something in each pose for everyone, and you do not need to be flexible or strong to practice yoga. If you are pregnant, have chronic pain or are coming back from an injury, a one-on-one session would be best to assess your situation. Always communicate injuries or concerns with your Instructor. We do however reserve the right for Owners and/or Instructors to restrict clients to a particular class type for safety reasons if necessary.

What are the benefits to a heated room?

The heat aids in warming up the muscles and joints and increases synovial fluid to lubricate the body, creating more mobility in the muscles and joints to safely deepen your practice and detox your body. Our studio uses Far Infrared (FIR) heating panels and continuous ventilation to balance the heat with fresh air so you feel energised rather than depleted.

What should I wear to class?

Vinyasa yoga involves a lot of movement, so wear something to feel comfortable and allow mobility. You will most likely sweat so wear something breathable and moisture-wicking. Yin yoga is more mellow, so feel free to wear something comfortable that allows movement and ease for long holds. We recommend gym tights, leggings or shorts and either a t-shirt or singlet top.

What facilities do you offer?

We have complimentary mats, filtered water and changing rooms with showers on site. We stock coconut water for purchase, and towels are available to hire for a small fee.

Do I need to book online before I go?

No online bookings are required for regular classes (we’ve got lots of space, so don’t stress!). However, we do suggest booking in advance for workshops and events to ensure your space.

How do memberships work?

We have Weekly, Monthly or Yearly memberships. There are NO lock-in contracts, minimum terms, or cancellation fees. You can suspend or cancel at any time, we simply ask that you email to let us know at least a week in advance so we can arrange it for you. Your Membership will automatically renew for subsequent weeks, months, or years until written notice is received.

Can I suspend or extend my class pack?

We do not allow suspensions or extensions on your Introductory Offer (14 days) or session packs (12 months) unless you are injured, in which case we will ask for a medical certificate from your doctor. Please be aware when purchasing your Introductory Offer or session packs that you will be required to use your pass within 14 days or 12 month respectively. Any unused sessions will expire.

How many people are in a typical class?

Ask any of our students the best part about (Here) Yoga and they always say it’s “the space.” Our light-filled Malvern studio can hold up to a maximum of 40 clients per class comfortably, which means you always have space to find your flow without bumping into your neighbour.

I’m running late, can I still join the class?

Unfortunately, no, for the security of the students we lock the doors and turn off the buzzer during class. Ensure you give yourself time for parking and delays so you can arrive before the start of the class.

I’m pregnant or injured. Can I still attend (Here) Yoga classes?

Each person is different, and we recommend getting the advice of your GP or Obstetrician, as heated classes might not suitable during pregnancy or injury, especially for beginners. Always advise your Instructor of your injuries or pregnancy prior to the class and listen to your body. A medical certificate from your doctor might be necessary before you can attend, or start with a private class to assess if classes will be appropriate in the future.

How long after birth can I come back to attend (Here) Yoga classes?

We ask that you wait until after you receive the all clear from your 6 week GP/Obstetrician check up to make sure that everything is healing well and there are no diastasis recti (abdominal separation) issues. Always start with Level 1 Vinyasa or Yin class after pregnancy and allow yourself time to get back into routine after such a big change.

Is there an age limit at (Here) Yoga?

Yes, children must be at least 10 years old to practice at (Here) Yoga. Children aged 10-14 years old can practice but it must be with a guardian, while children 15 years old and older can practice with no guardian. No children can be left in the reception area unattended whilst classes are on.


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