Mindset Reset

Wanna Feel Good? Use this month to create change!

Join our online Mindset Reset. Daily wellness activities you can do in a few minutes to make huge impact!⁠ Everyone’s invited. Bc you know you feel better when you do the things that make you feel good. So we’re offering that extra little bit of motivation. ⚡FREE for everyone to join!⁠ Commit to:

  • • Daily movement (yoga, walk, etc)⁠
  • • Daily meditation (5 minutes)⁠
  • • Daily wellness practice (10 minutes)⁠

What’s Included

  • • Daily wellness activity prompts on our socials ⁠
  • • Guided meditations on our IGTV, YouTube or online⁠
  • • Play along at home⁠
  • • A few minutes of daily practices resets your mind, body, and spirit⁠
  • • Take control of your mental health, physical wellness, and overall well-being⁠

Day 1

Intention Setting: ⁠
✨ Intention is everything—it sets your energy in motion towards what you want to create. Today, you’re invited to set an intention for this month:⁠
✨ How do you want to feel?⁠
✨ What do you want to focus on?⁠
✨ What deserves your love and attention?⁠
✨ What can you do to feel your best?⁠


Create an intention to guide your Mindset Reset Challenge. It’s completely personal and all yours to design, but if you need a couple helpful hints, here’s some examples:⁠

✨ This month, I’m going to focus on daily joys.⁠
✨ This month, I’m grateful for my health, and I support it daily by taking good care of myself.⁠
✨ This month, I’m focusing on moving my body, centering my attention, and feeling good.⁠
✨ This month, my priority is my own wellbeing, since I know when my energy is good, I can share that good energy with others.⁠
✨ This month, I’m going to be gentle with myself, take rest, and give myself space to be as I am. ⁠

Day 2

DIY Affirmation: ⁠
? An affirmation is a supportive statement of what you mean to be, do, or have. 
? Just like repetitive exercises help strengthen muscles, affirmations are like exercises for your mindset. Positive mental repetitions can reprogram thinking patterns so over time, we begin to think – and act – differently.⁠
? Choose an affirmation to read every morning this month.


? Research has shown by focusing on your strengths for just a few minutes before a big meeting at work can improve confidence, performance and success, so imagine what daily repetition can do for your overall outlook!⁠ Here are some of our favorites:⁠

✨ It’s easy for me to relax into what is.⁠
✨ It’s easy for me to trust that everything is always working out for me.⁠
✨ I can relax when I know that this moment is one dot in the timeline of my life.⁠
✨ I am strong, powerful, and confident.⁠
✨ I am healthy, wealthy, and abundant in every way.⁠
✨ I support myself by choosing what I focus on, and lean into a positive state of mind.⁠

Day 3

? One of our favorite things about being human is the natural desire to create and share. Each of us has a creative spark, an energy that wants to express.⁠
? Today, the invitation is to get creative: draw, paint, color, write, dance, sing, bake—whatever inspires you.⁠
? Spend about 10 minutes creating, whatever that means to you.⁠

Day 4

?‍♂️ We’re in isolation nation so it’s ESSENTIAL that we take time to connect.⁠
?‍♂️ Today, the invitation is to phone a friend or text a mate, sent a voice note or a little video chat. ⁠
?‍♂️ Connecting with a loved one helps THEM (and you too). Benefits of social connection include lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and on and on and on.⁠

Day 5

✍️ Journalling⁠:
? Writing keeps your brain in tip-top shape, helps sort through feelings, centers your attention, and can be a great energy release!⁠
? But just sitting with a blank page isn’t always FUN… so we’ve got what you need: journal prompts that focus your mindset and help you feel fab.⁠
? Grab your fav pen and notebook (or device) and click below for prompts


? What are you doing when you feel most fulfilled?⁠
? Why does it give you that feeling?⁠
? Write a list of things that make you feel ⁠
amazing, fulfilled, connected.⁠
? Come back to this list anytime you want something simple to do to feel good!⁠

Day 6

Joy Practices:⁠
⁠⭐ Positive emotions like happiness & joy have endless health benefits: higher immunity, less stress, more resilience & life satisfaction, productivity, better relationships.⁠
⭐ Today’s invite: LAUGH ? watch something funny, send a friend a meme, or do anything that makes you laugh! ⁠


⭐ In weird & uncertain times, we can’t change the external, but we can make monumental shifts for our internal experience (and wellbeing) by finding LITTLE joys every day. ⁠

Did you know laughter is scientifically proven to be contagious?! See how good it feels to share a little laugh with someone you love today!

Day 7

? Life hack ? Gratitude:⁠
? If gratitude journals can help you sleep better, reduce stress, increase happiness, and give you a huge perspective reset, why aren’t we doing them all the time?!⁠
? Today’s invitation: write down 3 things you’re grateful for. Bonus: FEEL grateful while you write it. Double bonus: message someone to say you’re grateful for them. TRIPLE bonus: write something about yourself that you’re grateful for.
? Anyway, write it down & keep it, we’ll add to it each week of this month’s challenge.⁠

Day 8

Weekly intention setting:⁠
✨ Consider how you want to feel this week. What energy do you want to focus on & create?⁠
✨ Craft an intention (or a few) that set you up for the week. It could be one word, a feeling.
✨ Wanna make it stick? Write it on a sticky note and post it where you’ll see it every day as a little reminder and love-note-to-self.⁠

Day 9

Affirmation Formation
? An affirmation practice is like mental training.⁠
?Whatever you practice, you’ll get better at. So an affirmation is like training your brain to get better at a beneficial belief.⁠

Today, you’re invited to write, read, and repeat an affirmation of your choice. Click to see some goodies we ?


? I am enough.⁠
? I am grounded.⁠
? I am resilient.⁠
? I am powerful.⁠
? I give and receive love easily.⁠
? I express my truth with confidence.⁠
? I trust myself & my intuition.⁠
? I am connected to everything.⁠
? I am perfect, whole & complete.⁠

As you read them, feel their power and potency. Repeat as desired ???

Day 10

GeT cReAtIvE!! ⁠
▪️ Creativity lights up your brain, improves state of mind, reduces stress, and IT’S FUN.⁠ Today, the invitation is to do something creative that you normally wouldn’t do.⁠ Think outside the box and get creative with your creativity.⁠

Here’s some ideas:⁠
?DIY karaoke via @youtube
?Cook or bake a treat for a friend⁠
?Paint-by-numbers (click+collect anyone?!)⁠
?Write a poem – throw back to haiku!⁠
?Chuck on your fav tune & boogie like you mean it⁠

Day 11

Connect through Kindness
? Today’s invitation is to do something nice for someone else. Whether it’s sending a little something to a friend, paying someone a compliment, buying a coffee for a stranger or telling someone how much they mean to you, doing acts of kindness is a win-win for everyone.⁠

? Not only will your act of kindness benefit the other person, it can help shift your perspective, and give you a feeling of happiness and positivity.⁠


? Plus, as we all do kind things for those around us, the ripple effects are a more kind and caring community, shifting the energy of the collective one kind deed at a time.⁠

? Whatever you choose today, choose kindness. Bonus if you take the time to get present with the feeling that comes when you do your act of kindness. Soak it up, even let it change your mindset and your heart a little bit. Tune into the frequency of kindness and let the feeling linger.⁠

Day 12

Look Forward ?
⁠Write down: What are you looking forward to (short term)??⁠

?️ Writing down what you’re looking forward to directs your attention towards hope, excitement, and lets you focus on what brings you joy.⁠
‍?️ Keep the ideas in the short term for now, and if there’s one thing you’re looking forward to that you could do this week, make a plan to do it! Schedule in something fun or exciting to look forward to this week.


‍?️ Things we’re looking forward to: laughing with friends, sunshine, beach walks, that morning coffee with the *good* barista, lizard lunge variations, ordering fancy takeaway one night, and online shopping deliveries (its the little things, right?!)⁠

Day 13

? So often our days are full of things we “have to do,” so give yourself the pleasure of scheduling in something you LOVE to do.⁠
? Tuning in + feeling joy fully anchors the experience into your mind, and helps rewire your brain toward a higher level of contentment.⁠

? Today, think about what brings you joy.⁠
? Take a few minutes to do anything that will give you a feeling of light, bright energy.⁠


? Ideas: Listen to uplifting music, take a bubble bath, play with your pet, dance around the living room, cozy up with a good book and a cuppa.⁠
? There are SO many little things that offer joy, and the KEY is to be fully present to the feeling while you’re in it. Let it transform your state of being.⁠

Day 14

Reflections ✴️ Shift your perspective in 5 minutes flat! ⁠

✴️ Today’s invitation is to reflect on your week. Write:⁠
? 3 things you’re grateful for⁠
? 1 thing you learned⁠
? 1 highlight⁠
? 1 time you felt really connected to your best self⁠

✴️ There’s something really potent about writing and seeing what you’ve written down. It gives your brain multiple anchors to gratitude and positivity. ⁠


✴️ Some proven ways to feel more fulfilled are to enjoy life, to bring value to others & to learn and grow. So as you reflect on your week, and see what you’ve enjoyed, and what you’ve learned, it benefits your state of mind. ⁠

Day 15

Intention ? Set up your mindset for the week: focus on what you want to feel.⁠

? Intentions give you purpose, motivation & inspiration. Take a moment and consider: what intention can guide your week so you can feel your best?⁠ Intentions can be:⁠

? Ways to nourish yourself physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally. ⁠
? Goals for the week of things to do, feel, or allow.⁠
? What you want to let go & let in.⁠
? Desired states of mind or feeling. ⁠
? Any words that feel like guidance towards what’s most beneficial for you this week.⁠


We hope you’re enjoying our daily mindset reset activities! They’re made with love, and our intention is that they are little tools you can use to feel your best every day. ?

Day 16

Affirmation ?Whatever thoughts you choose to believe (consciously or not) become your beliefs and shape how you see the world.⁠

? Make an affirmation. Repeat. Believe. See the change.⁠

? Here’s how to DIY effective affirmation:⁠
▪️ Write “It’s easy for me to feel …”⁠
▪️ Insert the desired feeling ⁠
▪️ Write “When I remember … “⁠
▪️ Insert a truth that you believe that gives you perspective⁠
▪️ Repeat it aloud or mentally — feel it, vibrate it through your body, embody it.⁠


? Examples: ⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to feel relaxed when I know everything is always working out for me.⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to feel loved when I focus on all the things and people in my life that I’m grateful for.⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to feel at ease when I realize that this moment is one little dot in the timeline of my life.⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to trust when I realize that I am capable, resilient, and strong.⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to feel at peace when I trust myself and others, and know that we’re all learning and growing.⁠
▪️ It’s easy for me to feel joy when I focus on all the good things in life and trust that the challenges offer a chance for growth.⁠

Day 17

Capture a Moment ? The magic of carrying your phone around is that any moment, you can capture a snapshot of your life.⁠

? Today’s mindset activity is to spend a few minutes of your day looking for little bits of beauty & play photographer! ⁠
? Look for light, shape, texture, contrast, scale, and emotion. Let it be a fun game of what beauty you can find.⁠


? As you look for something to capture, notice how your perspective is on seeking something special in any given moment. It could be a bit of nature, a cheeky smile from a little one, or a juxtaposition of light and form and shadow. Whatever it is, enjoy the experience and feel free to post your pic for all to enjoy!⁠

Day 18

Connect with Nature ? Spending a few minutes of your day in nature impacts your mental health, wellbeing, and physical body in numerous ways.⁠

? Today’s invitation: get out and about. Put your feet on the earth. Dip your toes in the ocean. Hug a tree. Sniff a flower. Get a little dirty. Admire some plants. Tune in and feel: roots, earth, grass, sky, clouds. ⁠
? Take a moment in nature to really FEEL it. Sense your connection to it. ⁠


? Every day, the air we breathe is thanks to trees. The food we eat is thanks to soil and rain. The sun. The sky. All of nature is part of our daily experience. Take the time to notice, soak it in, and feel it.⁠
? Can you feel how you’re so intrinsically linked to everything in this interwoven web of connectivity? You are an integral part of this beautiful natural universe. Remind yourself of this deep truth ?

Day 19

Futuristic Feels ? Today’s 10 minute wellness practice is to write down: What are you looking forward to long term??⁠

✍️ Writing down what you’re looking forward to directs your attention towards hope, excitement, and lets you focus on what brings you joy.⁠


✍️ Aim for the stars! Let your goals be huge, brave, and beautiful. Then let them sit in the back of your heart and mind as you move through each day. And if there’s something you could do today to get you towards your goals, do it! Little steps every day is how anyone gets towards any goal.⁠

✍️ Things we’re looking forward to: yoga together in real life, teacher trainings, overseas trips, doing handstands, feeling loved every day, writing a book…⁠

Day 20

Pleasure ♥️ Boost life fulfilment by making life enjoyable to experience.⁠

♥️ Today’s invitation: contemplate what brings you pleasure. Make a list of things you can do to enjoy life in little ways, or in big doses!⁠
♥️ Do something for 10 minutes that gives you the feeling of real pleasure & enjoyment.⁠


♥️ When you do it, tune in fully: Where do you feel pleasure and joy in your body? What can you sense? How does it feel? Stay with the feeling for at least 30 seconds. Anchor it into your body, heart, and mind.⁠

♥️ Our favorite ways to savour the pleasures of life:⁠
▪️ slowly enjoy a cup of coffee, feeling the warm mug, sipping it with care, appreciating its complexity and flavour⁠
▪️ sit by the ocean, take in the whole view, watching the vast sky and sea, feeling the granules of sand, allowing the sound of the waves to be melodic⁠
▪️ grab a pastry or special treat from our fav local cafè, noticing how tasty something can look, slowly nibbling the edges, feeling the textures and savouring the flavors, admiring its beauty and deliciousness fully⁠
▪️ laying down in bed with the perfect duvet, pillows, blankets, until it’s just right, letting the whole body relax and feel held, eyes closed and fully tuned into the whole body experience of relaxation⁠

What’s your fav pleasure practice?

Day 21

Gratitude ? Reminder: gratitude can help you sleep better, reduce stress, increase happiness, and give you a huge perspective reset, AND you can do it anytime anywhere.⁠

? Today’s invitation: write down 3 or more things you’re grateful for. ⁠
? For a bonus, write down why you’re grateful for each thing.⁠
? Let it build the habit of looking for things to appreciate. ⁠


? As always, more and more we’re grateful for every single one of you: our community of students, teachers past & present, online yogis, instagram connections, friendly local studios and businesses we love and support. There are so many humans we’re deeply grateful to be connected to, including you. Thank you ?

Day 22

Intention (it’s everything):⁠
? Pause. Tune in.⁠ Ask how you want to feel this week. ⁠
? What attitude do you want to bring to this week?⁠
? Write an intention that will guide you through. ⁠


✨ Close your eyes. Breathe into your heart.⁠
✨ Imagine the feeling you want to feel, and tune into the sensations present in your body. Let yourself really soak in the feeling as if you have everything you want and need right now in this moment. Let it fill your heart and mind. Feel it fully. ⁠

? Hot tip: Set daily or hourly reminders on your phone to pop up and remind you to live with more attention on your intention.⁠

Day 23

Write a Love Note… to Yourself ?⁠

? Every year we get more resilient, wiser, and hopefully kinder. ⁠
? Today’s invite: take all that love and wisdom and send it to someone that needs it: you.⁠
? Write a letter to your younger self. The you who was unsure how it would all turn out, who was looking forward to the privileges of adulthood (if they only knew haha). ⁠


? Tell your younger self everything you want them to know. ⁠
? Let the words come out however feels right. ⁠

? Read it back to yourself.⁠
? Consider reminding yourself that you’ve learned heaps, that you’re doing great with what you’ve got, and that years from now, a wiser you will have lessons to share again. Let the perspective shift your mindset a little. ⁠

? What’s the #1 thing that you would say to your younger self??

Day 24

Create ? Did you know painting enhances brain power + assists emotional growth? Plus it’s fun and a perfect solution to groundhog day lockdown life. ⁠

?️ Today’s invitation: color, paint, draw, or do any other artistic form of expression that inspires you. ⁠


?️ Maybe today you try something you wouldn’t normally do, and create some new neural pathways, spur a bit of growth, and see if you enjoy a new mode of expression.⁠
?️ Dig in the back of your random pen drawer, borrow from your kids or your artsy neighbour–find something to get creative with and get into it! Live near the beach? Draw in the sand with a stick or make a seashell mandala—this is your opportunity to be creative with your creativity, so explore whatever comes through.⁠ ?‍?


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