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Join our (Here) Yoga online community to stay connected, centred & calm. We’re (Here) for you, wherever you are.
You’ll be guided by our incredible teachers through intelligently-designed classes that leave you feeling reconnected and reset. Choose your level of Vinyasa for fluid and dynamic movement that will strengthen your body and mind, or choose a restorative Yin class or guided meditation practice to be more present, more mindful, more (Here).

How does it work?

Simply choose your level of access, add your details & check your email to complete the registration.

You’ll have access to an extensive library of all your favourite classes by all our amazing teachers.

Choose a level that suits you. Scroll through the library & click on the video to play.

Level 1 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want to focus on foundational alignment & awareness. Level 1 Vinyasa allows you the space to explore & enhance every element of your practice. Great for beginners. Slow down & move with awareness, enjoy an opportunity to nourish yourself.

Level 2 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want a dynamic and intelligently-designed flow that creates heat. Level 2 is an opportunity to develop strength & flexibility of body & mind. Level 2 classes move fluidly to build some heat. It’s a place to grow from your belief in yourself.

Level 3 Vinyasa

Choose this level if you want a strong practice and the chance to experiment with progressions towards more advanced poses. Great for anyone wanting to expand their practice, give it a go! Get curious about your practice & connect with your body & mind.

Yin & Meditation

Choose this style if you want to relax & unwind with a deep stretch. Yin targets connective tissue to offer joint health and greater flexibility. Perfect for athletes and great for stress relief. Unlock deeper layers of connective tissue & open more space in your body, while allowing ease in the mind.


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