Our Teacher Training program is unique. It’s designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and innate natural style. Build a foundation of anatomy, philosophy, & energetics to deepen your practice & give you the tools to share the practice with others. Peel back layers, discover who you really are, and recognise your own true potential.

200 Hour Part Time Yoga Teacher Training

11 June – 4 August 2021

We know it’s hard to find the time, so our part-time 200 Hour Teacher Training runs over weekends for 2 months here in Malvern plus 8 days in Byron. To fit in with your lifestyle, training sessions include Friday nights 6pm-9pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm and Sundays from 11am-6pm over two months. Plus your training includes studio membership for classes with all your favourite teachers.

200 Hour Byron Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

12th April – 2nd May 2021

Designed to offer you an escape from the ordinary, our Immersive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training includes 21 days in Byron at an incredible resort amidst rolling hills where we will dive into our practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Incredible organic meals and sunshine will keep you energised while we take your training to the next level.

75 Hour Post-Grad Teacher Training Modules

A Purposeful Practice: 15 Feb – 4 Mar Online

Grow your teaching with 75hr modules or complete all four to become a 500hr RYT. Dive deep into the transformational aspects of the practice in your Advanced Teacher Trainings. We’ll give you the tools to share what you love with more passion & purpose. Offer yourself the space to grow in your understanding of yoga and of who you’re (Here) to be.

See full Terms & Conditions here: hereyoga.com.au/ytt-terms-conditions

Looking for our Advanced Teacher Trainings such as adjusting and sequencing?

Take a peek at our Workshops section of the website or MindBody Online.

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Meet the Team.

At (Here) Yoga, we’re passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Nicky Grimsdale

Nicky began his journey of yoga in 2007 practicing Iyengar yoga, which gave him a deep insight into anatomical alignment. Whilst living in India, he completed Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with a focus & passion for pranayama and meditation. Nicky began his teaching career by adjusting at (Here) Yoga, where he developed an appreciation for the unique needs of each student. As his understanding grew, he became more creative and intuitive with purposeful adjustments and flowing sequences.

Nicky’s niche is creative and purposeful movement, allowing more freedom in the body and mind. He uses powerful theming and unexpected sequencing as a way to invite his students to have an experience of something more than just physical. With a strong belief that we’re each able to move beyond the busy-ness of the mind into a connection with deeper layers of the self, Nicky’s classes will get you out of your head and into your heart.

Nicky has a deep love of Pranayama yogi breathing techniques. The combination of mindful breathing and creative movement allows his students to calm the mind and access the still space within. And somewhere along the way there’s a few dad jokes just for good measure!

As a teacher trainer, Nicky has a special gift for inviting inquiry, inspiring confidence & offering the space for students to connect to the authentic teacher within. His approach to respecting the tradition of yoga while bringing it into modern times makes it accessible and open to personal interpretation by each of his students.

Sarah Metzger

Sarah was drawn to yoga as a way to get fit and find peace. After graduating with an Elementary Education degree, she practiced yoga regularly while running the children’s program on a cruise ship for grounding while floating around the world. Sarah brings her passion for teaching into yoga as a way to tap into the curious awareness and compassionate acceptance within each of us.

Sarah believes the beauty of yoga is the physical and mental challenge that relieves stress and helps you grow into the best version of yourself, and as a teacher you’re able to share that experience with your students.

Sarah’s classes are nurturing, creative and dynamic with a focus on breath and mindful movement. Sarah loves to weave a theme or focus into her classes to create a purpose for each pose, transition & breath.

With an aim of feeling good and moving with love & lightness, Sarah’s classes are designed to invite freedom into the body and mind, like a guided moving meditation. Sarah offers a fluid, embodied experience with lots of heart and depth. Expect to be challenged and supported into a deep connection with your body and mind.

Sarah’s passion for teaching trainings stems from a life-long enquiry into the human experience and a quest to understand how to live with more peace and ease. Sarah has a gift of breaking down complexity and making sense of traditional philosophy in an easy-to-apply, modern way. Guided by values of connection and community, Sarah leads with heart and encourages open-minded exploration of using the tools of yoga to live a life you love.


See what our recent graduates are saying about the course.

200hr YTT training with (Here) Yoga is a truly transformational experience. From anatomy to philosophy, each class leaves you with greater insight into yoga and yourself. Sarah and Nicky are the perfect balance in teachers for this course - super different yet both are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, experienced and passionate about yoga. Now that I have completed the course, I know that I wouldn't have wanted to learn from anyone else. To the yogis and aspiring teachers out there - If you're after a thorough, fun and amazing course which leaves you feeling inspired and confident to teach, learn from (Here) Yoga.

Recent YTT Grad

I can’t believe how much I was able to learn in 200hrs. Nicky and Sarah have a really special ability to inspire and educate, and I feel privileged to have done the course with them. Every moment of the course was engaging and I absorbed all I possibly could. I completed the course feeling confident and excited to teach, but most importantly I learned skills that I know I will apply to my own life forever. I can’t thank Nicky and Sarah enough for sharing their passion, knowledge and guidance. Whether you are eager to teach yoga or are interested in deepening your practice I can assure you that this course will absolutely be worth it.

Britt, Recent YTT Graduate

This course has given me a new perspective on life, and importantly, on how I see myself. It is equal parts challenging, thought provoking and nourishing for the soul. It has been a privilidge to learn from Nicky and Sarah who are so dedicated to imparting thier knowledge on thier students. If you are even only considering doing your YTT - jump in and do it. You will not regret an experience as amazing as this.

Lauren, Recent YTT Graduate

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