Workshops & Teacher Trainings

  • Advanced Vinyasa Masterclass Sat 22 Jan

    Join Nicky for a two hour journey into advanced poses & transitions to progress your practice. It’s an opportunity to explore poses more deeply and try new things. Leave behind expectations as you build strength and resilience physically and mentally.

    Investment: $40 Early Bird Pricing | $50* After 15 Jan

  • Restore & Nourish Sat 26 Feb

    Join Carmelle for a chance to find peace and ease with this 2 hour workshop to restore & nourish your body and mind. Enjoy being guided through slow mindful movement followed by long restorative holds in gentle postures to unlock the body and release long-held tension.

    Investment: $50 Early Bird Pricing | $60* After 5 Feb

  • Yoga Teacher Training Starts 20 May

    Our Teacher Training program is unique. It’s designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and innate natural style. Build a foundation of anatomy, philosophy, & energetics to deepen your practice & give you the tools to share the practice with others. Peel back layers, discover who you really are, and recognise your own true potential.

  • Online Here Yoga Classes Anytime

    We’ve got a full virtual studio with hundreds of online classes for you to enjoy anytime. Join us anytime you need a dose of community, calm & connection. ⁠

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