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Sammy Wilkinson

January 18, 2021

Sammy takes pride in creating a light-hearted, relaxed and safe environment where all are encouraged to explore their connection to their physical and non-physical selves. In Sammy’s class, thoughtful movement is harmonised with breath and curated to a backdrop of soulful rhythms. Throw in a couple of bad jokes for good measure, and you should expect to leave class feeling calm, clear and with a smile on your dial.

Jess Dadon

January 18, 2021

Jess is Creative Director by day, and she channels that creative energy into her classes, with a signature style that’s grounding, fun, and tough in all the best ways. Her day-to-day job sends her globe trotting often, and she loves to explore different yoga classes on her travels, once going to a class where they twerked in Down Dog. While she promises there won’t be twerking involved in her classes, she can’t promise that students won’t leave a little sweaty and a lot high on life. The name Jessica means gift, and it’s no coincidence that what she loves most about yoga is that it’s a special gift to yourself, just for you and no one else. Go on, give yourself a Jessica.


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