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Tarryn Lorenz

January 18, 2021

Tarryn has always had a passion for health and wellness and came to find yoga as a way to mix up her workouts and ended up finding so much more. After a year backpacking around South America, Tarryn found herself reconnecting with her yoga practice and falling in love with Yoga so much that she wanted to share it with as many souls as she could.

After completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in April 2017 at Here Yoga, her energy for teaching has only grown over the years and left the corporate world behind to follow her passion for yoga and mindfulness living.

Tarryn’s loving and caring nature combined with her high energy and excitement to learn combines to make a yoga class that is grounding and soulful with a high focus on alignment and building your practice from within to find your inner yogi strength.

Sarah McGrath

January 18, 2021

A Chicago import and enthusiastic traveller, Sarah found her love of yoga in Melbourne and finds endless inspiration in the sense of community here.

Sarah brings passion, encouragement and thoughtfulness to her teaching. She specialises in a challenging, nourishing practice which pairs breath, movement, and intention. You can expect creative sequences, emotive playlists, hands on assists and to leave with a smile on your face (hers is infectious!)
Sarah is passionate about inclusive yoga and aims to offer an experience and message that is relatable to all students.

Lauren Crocker

March 16, 2018

Lauren’s love for yoga started around 2010, when she discovered how much she loved the physical practice and the creativity in movement. However, it wasn’t until she left the corporate world that she began to understand the power of connecting to every part of yourself.

Lauren believes yoga is a time to truly connect to breath and body, and allow the mind to take a break. Expect her classes to be fun but strong, and filled with her passionate energy.

Ange Marotta

December 23, 2015

Ange first started yoga journey to improve her flexibility but shortly after found that it was her own type of meditation–a time to shut down and take time and space for herself.

Ange likes to create a safe, warm, inviting space for students to grow, find balance and have awareness in their practice, inspiring them to have fun, find strength and contentment.

Aiming to share what she loves most about the practice, Ange likes her students to have left learning something about themselves. Whether that is challenging themselves to push their boundaries, or to find presence and calm the mind for the time they are moving and connecting to their breath.


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